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On the bus ride home from work. Tappin out a blog entry on my new iPhone 3g using the wordpress app. Pretty cool except it’s so hard to type compared to my old devices with a physical keypad. They shoulda made a wordpress app for blackberry 🙂


a rosy update!

goodness, it’s been a while since we last blogged. lots have happened in the past 2 months. here’s what rose and snail have been up to…

after a busy traveling season which took us to vegas, salt lake city, tahoe (and whistler too for mark) we are back to planning in full force. we spent a few weeks getting paper supplies and designing the invitations. after 2 straights days of staying up printing, slicing paper, punching circles and envelope licking (j/k we used moist cotton balls) we finally sent out invitations this past week! *huge pat on back* well, at least for those people who actually responded to our emails and gave us addresses. shame on you if you kept ignoring our spam 😛

while mark was at his bachelor party in whistler, we received our first wedding present. not knowing what to do with it, it sat in the corner for a couple weeks. we got our 2nd wedding present last night.  after also realizing we could not possibly store all these giant boxes in our tiny condo, we decided to open them! 🙂 i confirmed with friends that this was acceptable, as long as we didn’t use the items in case they needed to be returned if the wedding was called off 😛 opening presents were fun. we are going to need a bigger condo soon.

we also looked into floral stuff. i’m excited that we’ll be able to do all things flowery on a small budget. score! 🙂

we’re now planning to get our marriage license. i’m glad that at least the government doesn’t try to rip you off when you are getting married.

oooh, i also got a headstart making presents for my bridal party and house party. what am i making? hehe, that’s my little secret. i may post some sneak peek pictures…

speaking of pictures, i’m sad that i forgot to document a lot of the stuff i was writing about. like, i didn’t take any pictures of our invitations before we sent them out…i didn’t take a picture of the wedding present (before it got tore up by mark :P) i gotta remember to do a better job so i can scrapbook like crazy after the wedding…hehe

k, off to planning! oh yeah, remember to buy your plane tickets and book your hotels if you haven’t already!! 🙂

i gotta blog this…

that’s what I said earlier today as we were leaving Williams-Sonoma in Union Square, so here we go!

So, this morning we headed to Crate and Barrel bright and early to hit up a wedding registry event; however, it’s actually tomorrow morning :O Since we were already around Union Square, we hit up Dottie’s True Blue Cafe for breakfast (it was good, but we’d give it 3 out of 5 stars – 4 stars at best…) and then went shopping before the Macy’s Wedding Registry event today at 1PM.

We strolled into Williams-Sonoma, and since we had just finished eating a greasy breakfast, it was time for a typical bathroom run.

Williams-Sonoma in Union Square has a pretty nice bathroom, so I ran up to the 3rd floor and started umm… doing the business when someone starts knocking on the bathroom door. The bathroom is one of those single units where it’s a small room with a toilet & sink and you lock the whole room. I clear my throat loudly to signal that “hey, there’s someone in here” and figure whoever it is will wait patiently until the business is finished being done. However, this guy is really impatient and keeps knocking and starts yelling something or other, which I can’t really understand since the door is pretty thick and well… I’m in the middle of some business. I thought, man this guy is rude! So I made sure to take care of a little extra business and get the room nice and ripe for the next customer.

As I’m washing my hands and getting ready to leave the restroom, I get a call from Rose on my cell:

Rose: Are you still in the bathroom? Guess who’s here on the 3rd floor

Me: Huh? Yeah, I’m just finishing up. What are you talking about?

Rose: George from Grey’s Anatomy is here on the 3rd floor, I just saw him walk up there!

The impatient bathroom user? Yup, that’s right, T.R. Knight (George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy). As I exited the bathroom, he was standing there in the hallway waiting to go. I barely even recognized him since he’s currently got a pretty short haircut and he’s wearing regular street clothes (not hospital scrubs).

Needless to say, I had to blog this 😛

Other quick thoughts (mostly rants!):

  • Got Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and was really hoping Entourage would be good. No such luck; still running Outlook 2007 in Parallels.
  • What’s up with the movie No Country for Old Men? How is it not obvious to everyone that it sucks?
  • Firefox on Mac is totally suck these days. It’s always crashing. Flock is too slow. Safari sucks. Argh!
  • Registering for a wedding is crazy! Bed, Bath and Beyond is the best place to register though. 1. everything is returnable for cash, 2. they actually have stores everywhere, 3. 20% off coupons everywhere, and 4. our registry consultant comped us a free $30 meal when we were looking dead tired & hungry!
  • Jorge Perez. omg. his presentation during the Macy’s Wedding Registry event might’ve been the worst 30 minutes of my life.
  • The Hollywood writer’s strike sucks. Hey guys, don’t screw yourselves like the NHL did eh? You’re just asking for people to forget about your junk and do other stuff.
  • I want to buy a Nintendo Wii and the game Rock Band for xbox 360. However, it’s sold out everywhere around here. Hey Nintendo and Harmonix: let me give you my money!
  • Rain in SF sucks when you have to bike to work and by the time you get there, your pants are completely drenched.
  • I would’ve twittered all this stuff, but twitter sucks. I get a ton of junk tweets and none of my friends are on it anyways.

Can’t believe you read all that yo. zzzzzzzzz 🙂

what a difference a year makes!

we got a new espresso machine at work yesterday, which caused me to be just a tad overcaffeinated. as i was having trouble sleeping at night, i randomly thought of where i was exactly a year ago…2 years…3 years… and things have changed quite a bit. here’s my trip down memory lane:

1 year ago

i was living in mountain view, with a 7 min commute on a good day, 20 min commute in rush hour. i had a job where i still knew exactly what i would be working on the next day. mark and i were finally in a small group together for the first time, and spent most of our spare time serving in various ministries at church. in our rare pockets of free time, we loved biking to the numerous farmer’s market in the area. we needed a way out of domestication and complacency fast.

2 years ago

seattle was finally starting to feel like home. i was living in downtown seattle with no intention of leaving the city 😛 i had finally figured out the kind of job i wanted and fortunately i was dang good at it. doors were opening left and right and i loved every minute of my career fast track. personally, i was trying hard to get plugged into a community, while keeping in touch with my close friends from texas and also juggling a long distance relationship. biggest wallet eater: plane tickets. biggest time waster: webcam chats.

3 years ago

a year and some into my life in seattle, a whirlwind year into my relationship with mark. he was getting ready to move to san francisco. all the newness about california kept things exciting…little did i know i was about to enter the most challenging yet defining years of my life to date. living with 1 of my best friends from high school also means that we are getting to know the bar/club scene very well. at the same time, i finally had the courage to act on my realization that my first job ever would not become a fulfilling career so it’s time to start distributing the resume.

so crazy how things change. none of the snapshots into my life is like any of the others. where do i go from here? at times like these, i especially find jer 29:11 comforting because god is always faithful with his promises. mark and i talk and dream about the future, but for me personally i don’t think i’ve had clear confirmation of where i should go since college graduation…yet i’ve come this far. so i will persist in my request for divine direction.


on a different note, leaving for tahoe in 3 hrs!!! better get some shut eye now.

first (wedding) update of 2008!

been a while since i last updated.  needless to say, with all the wedding planning, we have been  B U S Y!  let’s see…a little progress report:

  • venue & food for ceremony & reception – check
  • wedding dress – check
  • registry – check
  • save the date’s – check
  • wedding website – half check (mark!)
  • premarital counseling – on track
  • photographer – on track
  • bachelor party planning – check

i would say the biggest accomplishment so far is the bachelor party.  if you’ve heard stories of mark and i’s “adventures” we have been without shelter, so to speak, at whistler, yosemite, seattle, mount rainier, tahoe, etc.  each trip we take is a surprise as to where we may spend the night.  so the fact that he’s got a hotel picked out is hopefully the most pleasantly surprising for his groomsmen.

i’m pretty happy with our progress so far.  i’ll update later with some of my thoughts on wedding planning/preparation and also our crazy 8 hr trip to bed bath & beyond!!

the story – from Rose's point of view

after much anticipation, here’s my version of the story.  after all, people only want to hear what the girl says, right? 😉

since mark already wrote a book on our history, i’ll just tell tale about what i can remember about the day of…and maybe of a few days before too.


mark and i were heading to our friends gene & sharon’s wedding in houston on sept 15. coincidentally, i had planned on selling my car to my brother, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to save on some air fare. being the crazy adventurous people mark and i are, we decided to drive non-stop to houston. for those of you who don’t know, google maps puts this journey at 1 day 3 hrs…so roughly about 30 hrs if you include norcal bay area traffic. we left san francisco about 4pm, right in time for rush hour. by the time we were on our way out of metro LA, it was already past 9pm. the next viable overnight option would be phoenix or tucson. at that rate though, we wouldn’t arrive til 3am and would make finding a shelter quite difficult. so we drove all the way through, stopping only for gas and border patrol 😉 we arrived in houston at 9pm, just as the first course for gene & sharon’s rehersal dinner was brought out. talk about good timing!

all this to say, the engagement happened in my hometown of houston.

rewind to a couple of weeks before, my friend, and now bridesmaid-to-be, erin had sent out an evite for an out-of-towner brunch for the day after the wedding. the event looked innocent enough, so i gladly accepted the invitation. ONE thing was suspicious, though. the newlyweds-to-be was also to show up – hmm, shouldn’t they be on their honeymoon though???

on saturday, we enjoyed an awesome and beautiful wedding.

suspicious activity #2: my friends and expecting parents, jennifer and jensen, weren’t originally supposed to make the brunch. however, at the wedding, jennifer let me know that their plans actually changed and they were going to be able to make it afterall. i wondered if she knew something i didn’t?? why did she change her mind? (and yes, a little bird *ahem* erin! had told her it’d be wise to show up) she also suspiciously asked me if i thought i was ready to get engaged…the suspense!

then comes sunday.

we wake up a little late for brunch and hurry to get ready. as i walk into the bathroom, i hear my mom say “mark, can i talk to you?” does yet another person something i don’t? i didn’t stick around to find out. after i finished my shower, my mom – suspiciously, i may add – comes in very concerned about my choice of clothing, and she wanted me to curl my hair. what’s going on? when i got downstairs, it became even more suspicious because my dad asked if i should be more dressed up. fashion advice from my dad? something is not right. so i looked to mark to see if maybe i can get to the bottom of all these suspicious and mysterious events.

to mark’s credit, up to this point, he’s given me absolutely no indication d-day was imminent. as we were packing, driving for 30 hrs (even though mark slept through a good amount of it) at the wedding & even the drive to bunch, mark gave me no reason to think he was a man about to propose to the love of his life (my term :-P) well, except…

a few months earlier, we were biking to chinatown and had paid a visit to his office on the way. mark, in normal protocol, excused himself to the bathroom. alone and bored, i started to organize his desk when i came upon a strange package. it was a big box (for a diamond) but i had a feeling anyway, especially since mark only replied with a nervous “wah” when i inquired about the package on his desk.

so we arrive at brunch. la strada is a swanky joint for houston standards. we walk up to the patio area and 19 other friends were already seated. we get our orders in and mark excused himself to the bathroom – are you seeing a pattern yet?  i proceed to walk around and catch up with everyone at the table. i recall erin and mark making geatures to each other, my friend tina asking mark how to operate his camera – which is also a conversation topic not out of the ordinary for mark – and mark communicating excessively, i thought, to our waiter. next thing i know, i see the waiter bringing out a tray of champagne for everyone at the table.  i was silently impressed with the restaurant, mistakenly thinking this was complimentary for all patrons.  at the same time, mark is waving for me to return to our side of the table.  unfortunately,  the waiter lost his balance and spilled a couple glasses of champagne on my friend gary.  it served as a nice distraction for me (and i later suspected that it gave everyone some extra time to set up)  i eventually made it back to the opposite end, thoroughly puzzled.  i sit down.  mark spoke with a projecting voice, catching all those present with a “hey everyone, we have an announcement to make!”

“what announcement?” “WE??” i’m trying to figure out if there’s something i missed.  by now, my expression is that of complete and utter bewilderment (i say this now because i have seen that picture…haha)

at this point, everything has been set up: the house music turned down, the video camera rolling, my friend vincent’s SLR pointed straight at my face.  the restaurant seemed silent, as if waiting for something, anything to happen.

mark broke the silence with “rose and i have been dating 3 years 8 months 3 days and 2 hours…”

i’m a little slow that day, but not so slow that i still didn’t know what was happening.  no matter how many times you may have envisioned this scenario in your head, how many times you have seen this scene in the movies, how much you try to prepare yourself for how you may react…when i finally came to realize what this moment was to become, i was overwhelmed with emotions.  everything after this became a blur.  my nonstop tears well documented by vincent.  i see my friends all tearing up as well, which only made me cry more.  i did manage to pay attention to mark’s recollection of our ups and downs, struggles and adventures and how we’ve grown to enjoy our time with each other.

when the love declaration (ha! my nomenclature again) was over, he reached into his cargo shorts, perfectly planned for this occasion i may add, and pulled – yanked – out a relatively big blue box.  everything after that was even more of a blur.  i think he asked me to marry him?  i think i nodded?  then i think we both didn’t know what to do.  he was eagerly looking at me, i smiled back.  someone then yelled “pull the ring on”  i recall pointing to the ring which had fallen out of its notch.  somehow the ring ended up on my finger. we hugged.

meanwhile, zooming out of our little corner, the rest of the restaurant is still in anticipation.  the dj finally asks what the response was.  i recall saying yes for the first time then.  the entire patio erupts into cheering and clapping.  we toast our friends. the dj heads over and proceeds to buy us shots, on empty stomachs.  lots of congratulations and pleasantries exchanged soon after.

when our food finally arrived, i have had 1 shot, 1 glass of white wine (it was substituted for the champagne which spilled) and working my way through another glass of champagne.  i enjoyed my brunch in a state of drunkenness.  whether i was high on happiness and surreality or just from the alcohol itself, i’m not quite sure.  either way, i just could not stop smiling 🙂  we rounded up that afternoon by taking some candid unofficial engagement pictures.

all in all, a speical, blessed day.


so, there it is.  the “her story” – we are engaged! 🙂 🙂

My lunch 2.0 @ Tagged photo is up on Wired News' Epicenter blog

My photo from Lunch 2.0 today…


is up on one of Wired’s blogs. Sweet 🙂