2008 recap

season’s greetings!

i cant believe 2008 is coming to an end soon…and this is only like the 5th entry all year.  it’s been so long since i last updated that errol is probably right, there’s cobwebs all over.  so let’s recap:

mark and i got married in may! even though it was just a mere months away, that seems so long ago already.  guess we are really enjoying married life 😉

after the wedding, we traveled to greece (santorini and athens) & london for a lovely honeymoon.  mark and i still reminisce about the awesome food we had on the trip…only in greece, not london 😛

we stayed low key throughout the summer, just recovering from a hectic wedding planning period.  we snuck in a couple of weddings, including a weekend trip to pismo beach.

summer decided to extend its stay in san fran this year.  we have had really nice weather (unseasonally warm and sunny) even as we speak, and it’s already december!  mark and i have been taking advantage of it and spend a lot of our weekends out biking, rollerblading (mark only) along the waterfront, to the farmers market, to chinatown, even to the “ghettos” once.

another really cool thing that happened this year was our good friends jon & frank from seattle/detroit also moving to sf.  since then, we’ve visit jtown on average of 3 times a week 😛  they only live a couple blocks away from us so that also means many many late nights of poker, big 2, mah jong, settlers, rock band 2…etc etc.  it’d be even more fun if the 2 of them started dating so i dont have to hang out with all boys 😛

fall came even us even noticing.  we went on a fall wedding galore that took us to houston, san jose & nyc. we got to hang out with family, yvonne, judy, bonnie & vincent, erin, todd & kelly!  the houston trip was good timing because my parents had just moved so we were able to help them a little.  mark got a glimpse of all the crazy stuff from my childhood (school papers from elementary school my mom has been keeping, study materials, toys, pictures, clothes…talk about being packrats!) in new york, we got some awesome food like cheap japanese food, delish brunches, all-you-can-eat indian food, cupcakes and pinkberry!  overrated in my opinion, but it’s 1 thing off my to-do list.  another amazing sight was fall foliage in central park.  purrrty 🙂

this year wasn’t just about us visiting places, we got a lot of visitors in sf as well.  earlier this year, emmy dropped by during an interview stop in oakland.  yvonne came by to interview as well…and she’ll be back for good next year!  woohoo 🙂  mark’s friend jimmy was also in town for a school trip, so that meant breaking out settlers.  and that’s not even mentioning all the friends and family who came from all over for our wedding!

this holiday season, mark and i stuck around in sf and got to catch up with many old friends over thanksgiving break.  we have so much to be thankful for this year and being able to share those blessings with friends is really special.  we’ll be splitting our time between sf and houston (12/25-31) over christmas so hopefully we’ll be able to catch up with you in person soon! 🙂