I hate the sf muni

Now I remember why I hate the sf muni system. I’m standing at the corner of 4th and Bryant St., where there is clearly a bus stop for the 9AX and I watch and the empty bus drives by on the far lane of Bryant St. to get ready to turn on 3rd. The bus driver didn’t even slow down. How is anyone supposed to use this system?

Not to mention the fact that even if I catch the bus, it takes 30+ minutes to get to work; which takes 15 minutes to bike or drive.

I called sfmuni to complain but they just put me on hold.. not surprising I guess.

For any SFers that are against increasing the amount of parking in the city, try using the public transit system sometime >:o


2 Comments on “I hate the sf muni”

  1. MK says:

    You’re such a poopyface

  2. Errol says:

    you need to update your blog… im starting to see cobwebs

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