a rosy update!

goodness, it’s been a while since we last blogged. lots have happened in the past 2 months. here’s what rose and snail have been up to…

after a busy traveling season which took us to vegas, salt lake city, tahoe (and whistler too for mark) we are back to planning in full force. we spent a few weeks getting paper supplies and designing the invitations. after 2 straights days of staying up printing, slicing paper, punching circles and envelope licking (j/k we used moist cotton balls) we finally sent out invitations this past week! *huge pat on back* well, at least for those people who actually responded to our emails and gave us addresses. shame on you if you kept ignoring our spam 😛

while mark was at his bachelor party in whistler, we received our first wedding present. not knowing what to do with it, it sat in the corner for a couple weeks. we got our 2nd wedding present last night.  after also realizing we could not possibly store all these giant boxes in our tiny condo, we decided to open them! 🙂 i confirmed with friends that this was acceptable, as long as we didn’t use the items in case they needed to be returned if the wedding was called off 😛 opening presents were fun. we are going to need a bigger condo soon.

we also looked into floral stuff. i’m excited that we’ll be able to do all things flowery on a small budget. score! 🙂

we’re now planning to get our marriage license. i’m glad that at least the government doesn’t try to rip you off when you are getting married.

oooh, i also got a headstart making presents for my bridal party and house party. what am i making? hehe, that’s my little secret. i may post some sneak peek pictures…

speaking of pictures, i’m sad that i forgot to document a lot of the stuff i was writing about. like, i didn’t take any pictures of our invitations before we sent them out…i didn’t take a picture of the wedding present (before it got tore up by mark :P) i gotta remember to do a better job so i can scrapbook like crazy after the wedding…hehe

k, off to planning! oh yeah, remember to buy your plane tickets and book your hotels if you haven’t already!! 🙂