i gotta blog this…

that’s what I said earlier today as we were leaving Williams-Sonoma in Union Square, so here we go!

So, this morning we headed to Crate and Barrel bright and early to hit up a wedding registry event; however, it’s actually tomorrow morning :O Since we were already around Union Square, we hit up Dottie’s True Blue Cafe for breakfast (it was good, but we’d give it 3 out of 5 stars – 4 stars at best…) and then went shopping before the Macy’s Wedding Registry event today at 1PM.

We strolled into Williams-Sonoma, and since we had just finished eating a greasy breakfast, it was time for a typical bathroom run.

Williams-Sonoma in Union Square has a pretty nice bathroom, so I ran up to the 3rd floor and started umm… doing the business when someone starts knocking on the bathroom door. The bathroom is one of those single units where it’s a small room with a toilet & sink and you lock the whole room. I clear my throat loudly to signal that “hey, there’s someone in here” and figure whoever it is will wait patiently until the business is finished being done. However, this guy is really impatient and keeps knocking and starts yelling something or other, which I can’t really understand since the door is pretty thick and well… I’m in the middle of some business. I thought, man this guy is rude! So I made sure to take care of a little extra business and get the room nice and ripe for the next customer.

As I’m washing my hands and getting ready to leave the restroom, I get a call from Rose on my cell:

Rose: Are you still in the bathroom? Guess who’s here on the 3rd floor

Me: Huh? Yeah, I’m just finishing up. What are you talking about?

Rose: George from Grey’s Anatomy is here on the 3rd floor, I just saw him walk up there!

The impatient bathroom user? Yup, that’s right, T.R. Knight (George O’Malley on Grey’s Anatomy). As I exited the bathroom, he was standing there in the hallway waiting to go. I barely even recognized him since he’s currently got a pretty short haircut and he’s wearing regular street clothes (not hospital scrubs).

Needless to say, I had to blog this 😛

Other quick thoughts (mostly rants!):

  • Got Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and was really hoping Entourage would be good. No such luck; still running Outlook 2007 in Parallels.
  • What’s up with the movie No Country for Old Men? How is it not obvious to everyone that it sucks?
  • Firefox on Mac is totally suck these days. It’s always crashing. Flock is too slow. Safari sucks. Argh!
  • Registering for a wedding is crazy! Bed, Bath and Beyond is the best place to register though. 1. everything is returnable for cash, 2. they actually have stores everywhere, 3. 20% off coupons everywhere, and 4. our registry consultant comped us a free $30 meal when we were looking dead tired & hungry!
  • Jorge Perez. omg. his presentation during the Macy’s Wedding Registry event might’ve been the worst 30 minutes of my life.
  • The Hollywood writer’s strike sucks. Hey guys, don’t screw yourselves like the NHL did eh? You’re just asking for people to forget about your junk and do other stuff.
  • I want to buy a Nintendo Wii and the game Rock Band for xbox 360. However, it’s sold out everywhere around here. Hey Nintendo and Harmonix: let me give you my money!
  • Rain in SF sucks when you have to bike to work and by the time you get there, your pants are completely drenched.
  • I would’ve twittered all this stuff, but twitter sucks. I get a ton of junk tweets and none of my friends are on it anyways.

Can’t believe you read all that yo. zzzzzzzzz 🙂


6 Comments on “i gotta blog this…”

  1. jorg says:

    > Firefox on Mac is totally suck these days. It’s always crashing. Flock is too slow. Safari sucks. Argh!

    Dude. Camino. It’s Firefox with a Mac UI.

  2. Max says:

    Hey Mark! Hope everything is great! Why don’t you give a run at the Wishpot wedding area? We just launched it.

    PS: I am getting married too!

  3. Rock Band is coming out for the Wii…

  4. Damoun says:

    Hi Mark, I thought no country for old men was awesome but not as good as There will be blood. by the way; do you have any Grandcentral invites you can send over?


  5. markjen says:

    Hey Damoun, we watched There will be blood too, which I thought was ok (better than no country), but still not as great as I expected. Maybe expectations were just too high 🙂

    Sorry no grand central invites; I’m not a user myself.

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