first (wedding) update of 2008!

been a while since i last updated.  needless to say, with all the wedding planning, we have been  B U S Y!  let’s see…a little progress report:

  • venue & food for ceremony & reception – check
  • wedding dress – check
  • registry – check
  • save the date’s – check
  • wedding website – half check (mark!)
  • premarital counseling – on track
  • photographer – on track
  • bachelor party planning – check

i would say the biggest accomplishment so far is the bachelor party.  if you’ve heard stories of mark and i’s “adventures” we have been without shelter, so to speak, at whistler, yosemite, seattle, mount rainier, tahoe, etc.  each trip we take is a surprise as to where we may spend the night.  so the fact that he’s got a hotel picked out is hopefully the most pleasantly surprising for his groomsmen.

i’m pretty happy with our progress so far.  i’ll update later with some of my thoughts on wedding planning/preparation and also our crazy 8 hr trip to bed bath & beyond!!


3 Comments on “first (wedding) update of 2008!”

  1. Carol says:

    8 hour trip? Does that include the commute?

  2. Ryan says:

    8 hours is a bit long, but I was surprised at how slowly things went when Amy + I did our registry. We got to BBB @ about noon, and didn’t leave until dinnertime. I figured it would take maybe two hours, tops, but choosing each thing is a lot harder than it should be. And there’s SOOO much stuff to furnish a house / condo / etc. that you don’t think about until you’re to-be-married.

    C&B was a lot quicker, but only because we knew the 5 or 6 things we wanted and went straight to them. Also, the store is much smaller. Only stocking 5000(ish) items makes it a breeze! =)

  3. abuorrl says:


    I am a fellow blogger, your story has been a big inspiration to me.

    May congratulations to you and Rose on the wedding!


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