Wow, people are finding our blog :)

Of course, I guess I should’ve expected that since I switched my FeedBurner feed to point here and I’m also importing it to my Facebook Notes…

Saw a headline on fishbowlLA about our new blog: Mark Jen Getting Hitched, Rather Than Separated, Which is Nice, Considering His History. It’s pretty funny since when we got engaged Facebook actually listed us as “no longer in a relationship” due to an interesting bug.

The day we got engaged, I got online and changed Rose and I’s status to “engaged”. However, she had to accept that before it became official of course. However, as soon as I set that status, it seemed to have removed our “in a relationship” status. That change got propagated through Facebook’s news feed feature and soon everyone was sending their condolences and asking us how we broke up. Humorously ironic considering that we had actually just gotten engaged!

A few hours later, when Rose got to her computer she accepted the “engaged” status request and all was fixed. Although it seemed that the “engaged” status change wasn’t as interesting as the “no longer in a relationship” news feed item since it seemed like a lot more people saw that one :O

Any FB employees out there want to fix this funny bug? 😀


4 Comments on “Wow, people are finding our blog :)”

  1. Carol says:

    Hey you two…can’t wait to catch up. We moved to Austin this week and are heading off to Asia for a month vacation. I can’t believe you drove in 30 hours to Houston…insane. It took us 5 days and that was booking it for us. Talk to you two soon.


  2. Frank says:

    That is an interesting bug! .. i’ll look into it now. Btw nice site 🙂

  3. rosekwok says:

    haha, i told people at work about this at lunch today too 😛

  4. terry chay says:

    Strange, I missed the first event but my feed picked up the engagement.

    I guess my contrarian streak extends to Facebook’s newsfeeds.

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